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Caring for your Christmas Tree

How to Care for a Cut Christmas Tree

  1. If storing, keep outdoors in water away from sun and wind.
  2. If not freshly cut when taken inside, cut 1/4 inch off the bottom
  3. Keep tree away from all heat sources including vents, radiators, fireplaces and televisions.
  4. Be sure that your lights sets are in good working order before decorating your tree
  5. Place your Christmas Tree in water
  6. Be sure to use a stand that can hold water and a stand that fits your Christmas Tree
  7. Decorate your tree taking care and using caution when using Christmas Tree lights. Be sure to follow all safety recommendations and inspect lights prior to installation and never overload circuits.  Be sure to turn off lights when leaving your home.
  8. Keep in mind that the freshness of a tree you just cut is greater than one from a retail lot. Trees from the Choose Your Own farm won’t absorb as much water initially as other trees because it has not had time to dry out, unless you don’t put it into a water holding stand right away.

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Recycle Your Christmas Tree

In a national survey, 69% of consumers who used a Real Christmas Tree said they recycled theirs in community programs. Real Christmas Trees are recycled for five main types of large-scale uses for post-harvest trees.

These are:

  • chipping (chippings are used for various things from mulch to hiking trails)
  • beachfront erosion prevention
  • lake and river shoreline stabilization
  • fish habitat
  • river delta sedimentation management

Consumers can access local Christmas Tree recycling information by typing in their zip code at NCTA’s or at the EARTH’s 911 website, or they can call 1-800-CLEANUP.

Today around 98% of Real Christmas Trees are grown on farms throughout all 50 states and Canada.

Real trees are a renewable, recyclable resource, and Real Trees are planted to be harvested just as corn and/or pumpkins are cultivated for a harvest.

For each Real Christmas Tree harvested, up to three new seedlings are planted in its place, depending on farm size and current field rotation. Young trees in their rapid growth years have a high rate of photosynthesis and thus produce more oxygen than older trees.

This year, over 70 million new seedlings were planted by Christmas Tree farmers all over America.

Beavers Christmas Tree Farm- Trafford, Alabama— Providing local and fresh Alabama Christmas Trees.

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