Beavers Christmas Tree Farm

What to expect at the Christmas Tree Farm


At Beavers Christmas Tree Farm, you will have a family, fun experience which include selecting and cutting a Christmas Tree, the perfect time and place for photographs, hot chocolate, hay rides, a drive into the country and an experience that will last for a lifetime.

But there are some things that should be aware of if you have never been to a Christmas Tree Farm before.

  • CASH & CHECKS (with proper i.d.) will be accepted.
  • Most tree farms keep their fields very well groomed, but there are some things that are beyond the farmer’s control. Be careful of fire-ant mounds, tree stumps, an occasional blackberry vine, uneven ground and sharp saws.
  • Go to the farm prepared for a day in the country. Wear comfortable shoes and old clothes. Bring rain gear if the weather is threatening. The “cutter downers” and the “loader uppers” should also have gloves.
  • Beaver’s always has good free hot cocoa available for you.  If you would like additional food, depending on when you come, we have some good eats for you.
  • Dogs are welcome but must be on a leash at all times. Please don’t let him “mark” other people’s trees.  Please also clean up after your pet.
  • Saws are usually provided by the farm operator. Beavers will provide you with a hand sawbut you are welcome to bring your own hand saws.
  • Some farms measure and price their trees individually, others sell them by the foot. Ask about the pricing policy before heading out in the field. At Beavers Tree Farm, all of our trees are priced with a tag.  Before cutting be sure you check that the tree is tagged.
  • Head in to the field and select the tree that fits your predetermined needs. Check the trunk to be sure that it is sufficiently straight. Keep in mind that pines will usually have, at least, some crook in their trunks. Also check that the tree has a sufficiently long handle to accommodate your stand.
  • In the fall of the year ALL pines drop, or shed, a certain portion of their oldest needles which is a normal part of the life cycle of the tree as the tree is prepares itself for winter. Most farms provide shaking, or blowing services so that you will depart with a perfectly clean pine. Beavers Tree Farm does provide Shaking and Netting!
    • Cutting the tree is easiest as a two person project. The “cutter downer” usually lies on the ground. While the helper holds the bottom limbs up. While the cut is being made, the helper should tug on the tree lightly to ensure that the saw kerf remains open so that the saw does not bind. The tugging force should be applied to the side of the tree opposite the cut. A back cut should be made first with the final cut coming from the opposite side.
    • Bring the tree to the processing area where it will be cleaned and netted. Netting makes transporting and handling the tree substantially easier.
  • When you are checking out, remember to pick up a tree removal bag. It can be used as a tree skirt and then pulled up around the tree to help keep the floors clean when the tree is being taken down.



Beavers Christmas Farm Trafford Alabama

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