Beavers Christmas Tree Farm

Christmas Tree Selecting Tips

Tips on selecting a real tree at a choose your own Christmas Tree Farm.

Remember, Christmas trees purchased from local Christmas tree farm are as fresh as a Christmas tree can ever be.


  • Measure the ceiling height in the room where the tree will be displayed. The trees in the field look small when the sky is the ceiling. Don’t overbuy.
  • Measure the width of the area of the room where the tree will be displayed. Most trees on tree farms are trimmed to an 80% taper. So a tree that’s 10′ tall will be 8′ wide. A tree that will fit in the room vertically may be entirely too big horizontally.
  • Are there any individuals in the household who are allergic to pine sap; if so, consider another species such as Leyland, Sapphire, etc. Most pine and fir trees are dormant by late November, so an allergy to pollen should not be a concern for most people.
  • What decorating theme will be used? Some species have more open foliage, stiffer branches or longer needles. Research the characteristics of the different species on the NCTA website, then if you live in the Alabama area, come to Beavers Christmas Tree Farm.

Beavers Christmas Tree Farm offering fresh cut Christmas Trees to Alabama.  This year Christmas Tree shop at Beavers Christmas Tree Farm.

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