Christmas Tree Pricing


All our trees are pre-tagged with the size and price, which varies depending on the size
and variety of tree.

The following are some sample prices for cut trees:

  • 6ft. Virginia Pine: $36.00
  • 7ft. Leyland Cypress: $54.00
  • 6 1/2ft. Leyland Cypress: $54.00
  • 6-7ft. Fraser Fir: $48.00
  • 8-9ft. Fraser Fir: $84.00
  • 7ft. White Pine: $41.00

Snow Flocking is available- click here for more details.  (NOTE: Currently snow flocking is NOT available.)

The following are some sample prices for our “Living Christmas Trees” grown in containers:

  • 5 ft Living Christmas Tree – $49
  • 5.5 ft Living Christmas Tree – $54
  • 6 ft ¬†Living Christmas Tree – $58

*These are measured from the top of the soil in pot to the top of the tree.

  • Payment Options: CASH or CREDIT/DEBIT, CHECKS with proper ID